• Jason O'Rouke
    Jason O'Rouke
    Director, Public Policy
    Local School System Governance Options
    29 January 2015 Comments

    While much of the debate around improving education in Georgia has been based around funding and school choice, the issues of school district governance has also been an important piece of reform. ... Read

  • Jason O'Rouke
    Jason O'Rouke
    Director, Public Policy
    Georgia Chamber Commends Review of Common Core
    21 November 2014 Comments

    The Georgia Chamber has long supported efforts to ensure that students throughout our state are taught to rigorous academic standards that will prepare them for post-secondary education or the workplace and that will allow our state to remain a globally competitive location for business.... Read

  • Sally Kilpatrick
    Sally Kilpatrick
    Vice President, Government Affairs
    Georgia Chamber Comments on Proposed EPA Rules
    20 November 2014 Comments

    The federal Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers have proposed new regulations that would greatly expand the regulatory jurisdiction over waters throughout the United States as part of the “Clean Water Act.”... Read

  • Julie Haley
    Julie Haley
    CEO and Founder, Edge Solutions, LLC
    Small Business Owners Must Ensure That Our Voice is Heard at the Capitol
    12 November 2014 Comments

    As a small business owner myself, I understand that the issues our lawmakers consider in Atlanta and DC often seem far removed from the everyday projects we need to manage in order to successfully run our business. During the 2014 general assembly session, however, I received proof that this is not the case, and that small business owners can help pass bills that will help their business.... Read

  • David Raynor
    David Raynor
    Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Georgia Chamber of commerce
    Georgia Repays UI Federal Loan, Resulting in Cost Savings for Employers
    27 May 2014 Comments

    As businesses can attest, the economic recession of the past few years has been difficult. While Georgia is rebounding, the past several years put a strain on our unemployment system. As a result, the state had to borrow more than $721 million from the federal government to fulfill its unemployment claims obligation. ... Read

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