• David Raynor
    David Raynor
    Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Georgia Chamber of commerce
    Georgia Repays UI Federal Loan, Resulting in Cost Savings for Employers
    27 May 2014 Comments

    As businesses can attest, the economic recession of the past few years has been difficult. While Georgia is rebounding, the past several years put a strain on our unemployment system. As a result, the state had to borrow more than $721 million from the federal government to fulfill its unemployment claims obligation. ... Read

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark
    President & CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce
    Expanding, Improving Connections Good for our State
    29 April 2014 Comments

    It is hard to remember a world that wasn’t connected by the internet. Over the past few decades, it has gone from being a resource used primarily by universities to a way of life for us all. We turn to it for information and entertainment, communication and business transactions. ... Read

  • Kade Cullefer
    Kade Cullefer
    Vice President, Center for Competitiveness
    Georgia Chamber Provides Input for Case Impacting Corporate Board Members’ Personal Liability
    29 April 2014 Comments

    Current Georgia law protects corporate board directors and officers from personal liability when they “make good faith business decisions in an informed and deliberate manner.”... Read

  • Ernest Greer
    Ernest Greer
    2014 Chair, Georgia Chamber of Commerce
    Think “Georgia First”
    3 February 2014 Comments

    Imagine the impact if Georgia companies did more business with each other — if we all thought “Georgia first” when purchasing goods or services. That’s the goal of Georgia2Georgia, an initiative recently announced by the Georgia Chamber.... Read

  • David Raynor
    David Raynor
    Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Georgia Chamber of commerce
    Georgia Chamber Announces 2014 Legislative Priorities
    13 January 2014 Comments

    As the 152nd Georgia General Assembly officially convenes, the Georgia Chamber has identified a number of priorities focused on creating a better state of business in Georgia. In the past two General Assembly sessions, Georgia lawmakers passed a number of bills important to our state’s economic competitiveness and our ability to attract new jobs and investment. The Chamber will be working with Governor Deal and members of the General Assembly to build upon this positive momentum in 2014.... Read

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