Support Senate Bill 469 and Protect Georgia’s Right-to-Work Status!


Senate Bill 469 is legislation that would amend current state law related to mass picketing, paycheck protection and notice rules regarding union organization.  SB469 would ensure that employees have appropriate information readily available to them regarding their rights and that their safety is protected during union organizing efforts or demonstrations.

One of Georgia’s most important economic development tools is our status as a right-to-work state, which includes unions having a right to be in the workplace if employees so choose.   But the exercise of those rights needs to be balanced.  The Georgia Chamber believes this bill provides that balance and also ensures workplace disagreements are handled at work and not at private homes.  Unions sometimes intimidate employees into joining or voting for them to be established, and we believe that employees should know that they have a legal choice in Georgia to not join a union.  Along the same lines, we want to make sure that employees know they have the right to leave the union and not be forced to continue paying dues. 

Please join our Call to Action!  SB 469 is currently awaiting consideration in the Georgia House of Representatives after passing the Senate.  Click here to contact your State Representative and urge them to protect Georgia’s right-to-work status by passing Senate Bill 469!

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