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FROM Priority News, · Apr 22, 2016

Medicaid Expansion Likely Priority in 2017

A major ongoing initiative at the Georgia Chamber is a comprehensive study of the state’s Medicaid program and its impact on individuals in the “coverage gap,” delivery of healthcare, as well as the impacts on rural doctors and hospitals with an eye toward developing a “Georgia-specific” program to address glaring problems in the aforementioned areas. … Continue Reading

FROM Priority News, · Apr 22, 2016

Governor’s Education Reform Commission Proposals Adopted

The Governor’s Education Reform Commission proposals, which were adopted in December 2015 with the intention of becoming a package of legislation in 2016, is still scheduled to be taken up during the 2017 session. Governor Deal has continued to reiterate his intention to make funding reform a top priority during the 2017 session.  Comprehensive funding… Continue Reading

FROM Priority News, · Apr 22, 2016

General Assembly Passes Bill to Roll Back Testing Requirements for Teachers

The General Assembly passed a bill that rolled back testing requirements and moved away from using testing for teacher evaluations. The bill, SB 364 reduces the number of end of course tests in early grades and also reduces the percentage of teacher evaluations determined by those tests from 50% to 30%.  The legislation moves in… Continue Reading