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Posts · · Mar 8, 2018

Urge Your State Senator to Vote “Yes” on HR 993 with NO Amendments


GEORIGA BUSINESSES NEED YOUR HELP! WHAT: House Resolution 993, sponsored by Rep. Chuck Efstration (R – Dacula), would amend the Georgia Constitution to provide for the creation of a business court with statewide jurisdiction. The goal of this legislation is to provide a dependable forum to litigants throughout Georgia for the resolution of complex business cases. BENEFIT:… Continue Reading

Posts · · Apr 22, 2016

Bill on Electronic Discovery Expected to Increase Costs, Burdens for Litigants

Keisha Hines, Senior Vice President, External Affairs

House Bill 1017, sponsored by Barry Fleming (R-Harlem), was proposed legislation governing the discovery process in civil litigation. The bill addresses electronic discovery, but will increase costs and burdens of all kinds of discovery for all litigants. Although ultimately endorsed by the Georgia Bar, the bill contains provisions strongly opposed by over 40 leading Georgia… Continue Reading

Posts · · Apr 22, 2016

Law to Reduce Frivolous Lawsuits; Grow Film Industry Awaits Governor’s Signature

Keisha Hines, Senior Vice President, External Affairs

The legislature approved HB 513 and it now awaits signature by Governor Deal. HB 513 expands the existing Anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) statute to matters of public interest and is a major deterrent in halting the filing of frivolous lawsuits.  Modeled from legislation in other states such as California, HB 513 will be… Continue Reading

Legislative Priority · · Apr 1, 2016

Legal Reform

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce views the laws of the state of Georgia and the judiciary that interprets those laws as critical components of the infrastructure necessary to make the state of Georgia an attractive place to live and work. A transparent rule of law, interpreted by a competent and engaged judiciary, is essential for… Continue Reading