FROM Georgia News · Nov 17, 2016

2019 Policy Statements

“What’s good for business is good for Georgia” drives the policy and legislative direction of the Georgia Chamber and the Chamber’s Center for Competitiveness. The Chamber represents the unified voice of Georgia’s business community and is also an advocacy arm for businesses in the development and promotion of public policies to ensure the future of economic mobility for all Georgians.

2019 will be the 12th year of operation for the Chamber’s policy committees and marks the fifth year of formal operation of the Georgia Chamber Center for Competitiveness. Chamber leadership believes the Center provides an increased opportunity for the Chamber to play an expanded role in the research and development of policy recommendations to improve Georgia’s economic competitiveness. While the policy positions remain important guideposts for the Chamber’s legislative advocacy, the Center’s work will advance beyond written positions to formal research and recommendations.

To view the 2019 Policy Statements, click here.

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