Investor Benefits

401k Exchange Program

The Georgia Chamber Retirement Plan EXCHANGE®

The Georgia Chamber Retirement Plan EXCHANGE® is a new 401K program offered to businesses across Georgia, in partnership with Transamerica.

What does the EXCHANGE® Plan offer?

This plan offers employers a wide range of retirement management services including administrative offload, simplified payroll contribution processing, loan and distribution support, time savings, fiduciary risk management and more.

By becoming a participating employer in the Exchange, your plan is managed by a support team of varied experts. Our program pulls together seven important parties to help manage the retirement plan. Those important parties are:

  • Plan Administrator 402(A), 3(16), AND 3(21),
  • Recordkeeper, Transamerica
  • Financial Advisor
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Investment Manager 3(38)
  • Auditor
  • Umbrella Fidelity Bond (where applicable)

The Retirement Plan EXCHANGE® delivers access to all the benefits of a robust retirement package for an affordable rate that small businesses can afford.

How can I get more information?

Visit Transamerica’s microsite to download resources such as the Pricing Guide and How It Works brochure, or contact them directly: P: 855-749-5784 | Email:

To speak with someone at the Georgia Chamber about this service, please contact Tiffany Holmes, at, today!

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce makes access to this Plan available to members who choose to enroll. The Chamber is in no way responsible for investment performance, results or offering investment advice. Plan participants have a fiduciary relationship with the plan administrator, not the Chamber.

The Georgia Chamber seeks to provide access to recommendations, regulations, services and expertise to its members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that mission remains constant. Prior to acting, members should consult their own professional advisors for information and counsel specific to the individual and unique situations faced by organizations, individuals and corporations. The opinions, interpretations and recommendations of the Georgia Chamber are informational only and should not be relied upon by the recipient as legal or professional advice. The Georgia Chamber makes no representations as to the accuracy or reliability of the content contained herein. Users of this information accept any and all risks associated with the use of such information and agree that the Georgia Chamber has no liability to user.


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