Argentina Recap

Each spring, the Georgia Chamber’s International Travel Program allows attendees to discover new wonders, new cultures, and new places. From sightseeing in beautiful, historic cities like Buenos Aires and Calafate, to experiencing the ever-impressive glaciers in Patagonia, this past trip to Argentina was nothing short of adventurous.

“Traveling to Argentina with the Georgia Chamber was a beautiful experience including watching a calving glacier, visiting innovative vineyards that will soon transform Malbec as we know it, and learning to dance the Tango,” said Argentina trip attendee, Amy Hughes. “We will treasure these memories as well as several new friendships made along the way.”

“It’s nice to not have to sweat the details or wonder if we made the right decision based on price, value, and practicality,” said Argentina trip attendee, Lee Hughes. “Those that traveled in the group also really added to the experience.”

The nine-day trip was more than full of new sights and adventures which are a few reasons why the Georgia Chamber offers the International Travel Program. Being a part of this program offers participants exclusive business opportunities and unforgettable cultural experiences around the world. Another benefit of the program is that attendees will have access to some of the world’s top destinations for business and travel while making connections with other like-minded individuals and industry leaders. The International Travel Program will bring you back feeling refreshed, inspired, and more connected to your business.

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