The Center for Rural Prosperity

The Georgia Chamber’s Tifton office serves as a hub for rural prosperity with a mission to work alongside our South Georgia partners to improve economic mobility and success in our state’s rural communities.

Tiffany Holmes

Director of Center for Rural Prosperity

Rural Prosperity Initiatives

For over 100 years, the Georgia Chamber has led the call for prosperity in all of Georgia’s 159 counties. In 2017, the Chamber committed to a long-term initiative focusing specifically on the success and future well-being of Georgia’s many rural communities. The Chamber began its rural work by opening the Center for Rural Prosperity in Tifton, a regional office dedicated to providing support to rural communities, organizations, and businesses.

Rural Prosperity Council

The Georgia Chamber established the Rural Prosperity Council (RCP) to foster discussion and insight into the most pressing economic and business-oriented challenges facing Georgia’s rural communities. The overarching goal of the Council is to identify and recommend solutions to drive economic prosperity for our rural communities. The Council provides a place for rural practitioners, thought leaders, business owners, educators, and elected officials to network and develop meaningful strategies and public policy agendas. The RPC is one of the largest and most active councils in the Georgia Chamber with nearly 150 members across the state.
Chairman: Walt Farrell, 2024 Chairman
Rural Prosperity Council
Chairman: Rachel Santos, 2024 Vice Chairman
Rural Prosperity Council

Walt Farrell

2024 Chairman
Rural Prosperity Council

Rachel Santos

2024 Vice Chairman
Rural Prosperity Council

Policy Development

The Georgia Chamber’s Rural Prosperity Initiative involves the development of strategic policy priorities and solutions that ensure the future economic success of Rural Georgia. Our state’s 135 rural counties face unique challenges and opportunities as our state experiences unprecedented economic development including workforce preparedness, access to healthcare, and housing availability.

Collaborative Rural Advocacy

Our team at the Capitol collaborates with rural legislators and leaders to advocate for legislation that contributes to the long-term economic success of our rural communities. Led by our Rural Prosperity Council’s policy priorities, we ensure the voice of Rural Georgia is represented under the Gold Dome.

Rural Prosperity Events

Our Rural Prosperity Initiative includes hosting events aimed at providing rural stakeholders with the opportunity to learn about the latest research and initiatives benefiting rural communities. These events include the Rural Day at the Capitol and the Rural Prosperity Summit.

Rural Report

The Georgia Chamber remains committed to the prosperity of rural Georgia. Amidst unprecedented economic growth in our state’s rural communities, the Georgia Chamber has developed strategic recommendations and data-driven insights to address the unique issues and opportunities throughout rural Georgia.
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Tifton Office Facility Rental

The Center for Rural Prosperity offers rentals of its event spaces for a minimal fee. Interested in hosting your next meeting in Tifton? Reach out to Tiffany Holmes for more information.

Tiffany Holmes

Director of Center for Rural Prosperity

Tifton Rental Information:

$200 Flat Fee - First time fee is waived for partners
Conference Room - 1,006 sq. ft.
Larger Room - 1,367 sq. ft.
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