Civic Responsibility and Respect Statement

As Georgians complete the important task of voting this season, we would ask that everyone reject recent trends toward hostility and violence, and the acceptance of anything less than fact-based reporting. Disinformation and foreign influence seeking to discredit the principles of freedom under which we vote should not be enabled through our own actions. Instead, under the common banner of liberty-for-all, we must choose to unite and encourage healing across party lines. We should all exercise patience and tolerance for opposing views, seeking a deeper understanding of those thoughts that may not align with our own, and engage in productive dialogue that moves us forward.

The Georgia Chamber believes that no matter our political differences, we are all Georgians and Americans. As servant leaders in our communities, we should respect each other, the results of political outcomes, and the democratic process of our republic. Georgia’s great seal displays the founding virtues of “wisdom, justice and moderation.” These virtues should motivate our treatment of one another each and every day. We are proud of the business community’s record for supporting civic participation and we pledge our support to continuing these practices in the future as we tackle the issues of a global pandemic, equity and inclusion, and economic recovery.

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