Corporate Generosity as Strategy

goBeyondProfit Executive Director Megan McCamey and Advisor Patty Tucker visited the SBAC to share insights into societal expectations, business benefits and best practices for companies to demonstrate good citizenship … and how easily best practices can be incorporated into daily business operations.

goBeyondProfit’s statewide research shows that the more entrenched and visible a company’s community engagement strategy, the more loyalty you’ll generate among your workforce and customers – especially here in Georgia.

Research and best practices show that businesses of every size and stage should:

  • Cultivate a culture of giving and deploy company resources to empower your community. In every age group, on every metric, Georgia adults are more likely to factor generosity into employment and purchasing preferences than the U.S. average for their age group.
  • Communicate frequently with employees and customers about company values and activities. Employed Georgians rank their employers’ outreach less positively than leaders do, pointing to a need for leaders to ensure better awareness and alignment with their people.
  • Highlight generosity in your recruiting. A full 66 percent of Georgia employees 18-34 community generosity factors into their decision to work for a company or to stay there.
  • Use your values, activities and partnerships to create customer preference and loyalty. 71% of Georgians prefer to buy from generous companies, and 52% say they will even pay more for products and services from those companies.

You’re invited to review the research report, explore more business insights, and join executive peers in this growing, visible alliance of Georgia companies that care.  There is no cost to join and benefits include corporate publicity opportunities and exclusive executive invitations.

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