The Georgia Chamber will be doing a webinar on October 27 on the new overtime rule, and we’re trying to put together a panel of 3-4 Georgia businesses to discuss how they plan to comply with the new rule. More information below:

  • Date:  Thursday, October 27, 9:00-10:00 AM
  • Format: Go-To-Webinar, speakers can present from their desks using PowerPoint.  Practice run-through will be scheduled in advance of the session.
  • Outline: Panel of 3-4 Georgia business professionals in HR, Operations or Management.  Each panelist will speak for 15 minutes with a chamber staff moderated Q&A for all panelists at the end.
  • Speaker notes: We’re asking speakers to discuss how their business approached and prepared for the new overtime rule, any roadblocks or considerations they had when deciding how to comply with the rule, and what they learned in the process or would advise other businesses to think about when considering their options.
  • Attendees:  We expect about 200 viewers, plus those attending at satellite viewing locations at local chambers statewide.  The audience is usually comprised of businesses with fewer than 100 employees, from a range of industries.  We can share the registration list of companies before the presentation if interested.
  • Title & Description: Preparing for Overtime Rule Compliance: Best Practices Panel
    Hear from a panel of business leaders and human resources professionals as they share their insight, experiences and plans for implementing the new overtime law. This interactive conversation will allow attendees to ask questions and gain information and resources specific to their business size and industry.


Please contact Lauren Gray with any questions.

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