Federal Priorities

Immigration Reform

Support reforms that ensure a talented and qualified workforce in order to maintain and grow our economy and global competitiveness.

Affordable Care Act

Support the delay of payment cuts to hospitals treating low-income patients through the Disproportionate Share Hospital program.

Healthcare Access

Support policies and legislation that provide increased flexibility for federal agencies to improve healthcare access through innovative state-specific plans.

Savannah Harbor Expansion

Support the appropriation of federal funds needed to complete the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.

Retailer Fairness

Support policies and legislation that provide equal tax treatment of both brick and mortar retailers and online retailers.

Proposed EPA Clean Power Plan

Support reasonable regulations that take the needs of individual states, and their economies, into consideration before finalizing new air quality rules.

Proposed EPA Waters of the US Rule

Support a formal rule-making process to achieve the objectives of the Clean Water Act, not unilateral executive action.

Highway Trust Fund

Support efforts to preserve the long-term viability of the Federal Highway Trust Fund.


Support policies that provide opportunities for Georgia businesses to expand their market footprint through international trade.

Labor Relations

Oppose policies that put Georgia businesses at a competitive disadvantage by placing restrictions on employer-employee relationships and contracts.

Protecting Georgia’s Military Bases

Support protecting the military presence in Georgia including installations that have a total impact of $20 billion on our economy.

Debt Ceiling

Support the passage of an annual budget, protect the standing of the dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency, and avoid government shutdowns.

Regulatory Accountability Act

Support modernizing the Administrative Procedure Act to increase public participation and transparency in rule-making, and requiring agencies to choose the least costly option and legal recourse for challenges to new rules.

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