GBAN Legislative Update – March 17, 2017

Legislative Calendar

Monday, March 20 will be legislative day 36. The General Assembly will be in session Wednesday, March 22, for legislative day 37, and Friday, March 24, for legislative day 38.

Legislation of Interest

  • House Bill 192: Banks, trust companies, and corporations; responsibilities and standard of care of directors and officers; change provisions
    • Status: Chamber Scorecard – Support
    • Bill Author: Representative Beth Beskin (R – Atlanta)
    • HB 192 aims to return to an environment that facilitates reasonable decisions by corporate directors and officers. It also encourages companies to incorporate in Georgia, thereby creating opportunities for further economic growth.
    • HB 192 passed out of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee unanimously on Wednesday, March 15. The legislation will now be eligible for consideration by the Senate Rules Committee.
  • House Bill 73: Income tax credit; incentives to promote the revitalization of rural Georgia downtowns; provide
    • Status: Support
    • Bill Author: Representative Penny Houston (R – Nashville)
    • HB 73 is a tax credit aimed at revitalizing rural downtowns and is supported by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
    • HB 73 creates revitalization zones (RZ) under the discretion of the Commissioner of DCA and Economic Development for which existing businesses and developers can receive tax credits for qualified projects.
    • HB 73 passed the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, March 15.
  • House Bill 199: Income tax credit; interactive entertainment companies; change certain provisions
    • Status: Support
    • Bill Author: Representative Trey Rhodes (R – Greensboro)
    • HB 199 gives a tax credit to interactive entertainment companies.
    • Further tax credits are available if the original production was completed in Georgia, and outside Atlanta or Savannah.
    • HB 199 passed out of the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, March 15.
  • House Bill 265: Income tax; credit for establishing or relocating quality jobs; revise provisions
    • Status: Support
    • Bill Author: Representative Chuck Efstration (R – Dacula)
    • HB 265 allows for qualified projects which have at least $2.5 million investment to receive a subsequent quality jobs tax credit.
    • The recipient must create 50 or more new quality jobs above its previous single year high of the average number of jobs created.
    • HB 265 passed the Senate on Tuesday, March 14, 38-14.

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Perdue Confirmation

Politico is reporting former Governor Sonny Perdue will have his confirmation hearing on March 23.

Political Engagement

The last day to register to vote for the special elections in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and State Senate District 32 is Monday, March 20. Early voting for these races begins Monday, March 27. Election Day is April 18.

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