GBAN Legislative Update – March 6, 2017

Crossover Day

Friday, March 3, legislative day 28, was Crossover Day under the Gold Dome. Georgia Public Broadcasting has the archived footage of all the action, here.

Legislative Calendar

Today, Monday, March 6rd was legislative day 29. Thursday, March 9th will be legislative day 30 with legislative day 31 occurring this Friday, March 10th.

Legislation of Interest

  • House Bill 155: Georgia Musical Investment Act; enact
  • House Bill 196: Income tax; exemption for royalties paid to musical artists; provide
    • Status: Support
    • Bill Authors: Representative Amy Carter (R – Thomasville) HB 155, and Representative Matt Dollar (R – Marietta) HB 196
    • HB 155 offers a 15% income tax credit for projects that are recorded in Georgia or for tours that invest in the state above a threshold dollar amount.
    • HB 196 exempts royalties earned by musicians from income tax.
    • The Chamber supports these bills in efforts to replicate successes in Georgia’s booming film industry and spur growth in an emerging frontier of our state’s economy.
    • The Chamber supports policies that create and encourage jobs in all aspects of our creative economy: film, digital, recording projects, and music productions.
    • Both bills passed the House on Crossover Day. Vote on HB 155. Vote on HB 196.
  • House Bill 192: Banks, trust companies, and corporations; responsibilities and standard of care of directors and officers; change provisions
    • Status: Chamber Scorecard – Support
    • Bill Author: Representative Beth Beskin (R – Atlanta)
    • HB 192 aims to return to an environment that facilitates reasonable decisions by corporate directors and officers. It also encourages companies to incorporate in Georgia, thereby creating opportunities for further economic growth.
    • HB 192 was passed out of the Judiciary Committee by substitute on Wednesday, March 1st. On the House floor during Crossover Day, the legislation passed on a vote of 128-40.
    • The Georgia Chamber commends the excellent work of Rep. Beskin on this important piece of legislation, and also thanks House Judiciary Chairman Wendell Willard for his leadership in addressing this issue.

‘Waters of the United States’ EPA Rule

Following an executive order by the Trump administration, the EPA will be tasked with recreating the rule. You can read more, here.

Political Engagement Eight candidates have qualified to replace former state Sen. Judson Hill, who is seeking to replace Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price in Congress. Both special elections will be held April 18th with early voting beginning March 27th.

Former Governor Sonny Perdue awaits the scheduling of his confirmation hearing.

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