With the outstanding support of our sponsors and your communities, the Chamber team has successfully completed phase two of our Georgia 2030 initiative. President & CEO, Chris Clark, spent much of 2016 and 2017 traveling the state conducting live polls and surveys, and meeting with local community and business leaders to identify, analyze, and understand where we’re going as a state over the next 15 years.

“An important aspect of our Georgia 2030 2.0 initiative has been gaining input from every Georgian on what we need to do, and how we work together to improve the quality of life for everyone,” said Clark. “It is our responsibility and obligation as servant leaders to stand up and lead the direction that our state is headed.”

Innovation, job creation, diversity, rural prosperity, and health and wellness have been major themes shared with over 300 stakeholders across Georgia.

While Georgia ranks high in specific areas such as being the # 1 state for business, we also rank:

  • #33 in K-12 education
  • #45 for people living below poverty
  • #44 for overall dropout rate
  • #33 for obesity

It’s shocking statistics like these that we must work together to address and create lasting solutions for.

As a South Georgia native, Clark’s primary focus has remained on the current and future projection for rural communities across the state. “For companies, it’s not so much ‘location, location, location’ anymore – It’s ‘talent, talent, talent,’” he said. Making sure that rural communities have a strategy to keep young talent around is a recipe for long-term success.

Whether it’s facing the tough challenges of demographic changes in rural Georgia, or the reality of a rapidly expanding metro-Atlanta region, Georgia 2030 2.0 focused on how we can all work together to make solutions possible.

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work – 2030 will be here before we know it, and we’ll be working right alongside you every step of the way. Additional data and information will be available late summer.

Make sure you stay tuned for next year’s statewide tours, and don’t forget to view this year’s photo highlights. Until then, join our continued efforts by attending one of our upcoming events:

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