Georgia Chamber of Commerce Issues Statement on House of Representatives Rural Development Council Recommendation Overview

Following months of anticipation, the Georgia House of Representatives Rural Development Council disclosed its initial report of findings and recommendations.

In their pursuit to provide actionable solutions to address economic issues pertinent to rural Georgia, the legislative council offered their overview of recommendations to improve education, workforce, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic development incentives.

Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark expressed his gratitude, “The Georgia Chamber of Commerce commends the House of Representatives Rural Development Council on their continued effort to address and resolve issues critical to Georgia’s rural communities. Providing solutions that lead to improved economic opportunities, access to quality healthcare, improved education outcomes and job-readiness, as well as access to critical infrastructure including broadband, continues to be a priority for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. While these topics are complex, often with no easy solutions, we applaud the Council’s hard work, leadership, and dedication. The Georgia Chamber looks forward to further review of the recommended policy solutions and our continued work with members of the General Assembly to improve both the quality of life and business climate in communities across the state.”

The Georgia Chamber’s Center for Rural Prosperity will offer additional recommendations based upon insight provided by its statewide membership early next year. While the work of the House Rural Development Council has not concluded, the Chamber is committed to working with lawmakers and our affiliates to produce effective solutions. Through this collaborative effort, we can ensure that state and local legislation will continue to address the challenges that impact Georgia’s rural communities.

To learn more about the Georgia Chamber’s Center for Rural Prosperity, click here.


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