For the first time in state’s history, Georgia has appointed its first Chief Turn around Officer. On Tuesday, October 17th the Georgia Department of Education announced Eric Thomas was the foremost candidate to provide strategic solutions that will improve Georgia’s failing schools. Through his experience, Thomas served as Chief Support Officer of the University of Virginia’s turnaround program. He’s also a former teacher and administrator, and has worked to improve schools nationwide.

During the 2017 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 338. As module of education reform, Georgia lawmakers established an Education Turnaround Advisory Council, Chief Turnaround Officer, and Turnaround Coaches.

The Chief Turnaround Officer serves as a senior advisor who will be responsible for improving Georgia’s 53 lowest-performing schools. Through this collaborative effort Eric Thomas, legislators, and state agencies hope to improve Georgia education by ensuring that all students receive the necessary tools, support and techniques to maximize their potential.

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