Investor Benefits: UPS Shipping Discount

The Chamber partnership with UPS offers Georgia Chamber investors some of the most competitive rates available on UPS shipping services, with savings of up to 34% on domestic air, ground, and international.

How do I get the discount?

  1. Click here to create a no-obligation online account, or to simply add the Chamber discount to your existing UPS account. Click here for a step by step how-to guide.
  2. Sign in to your account and enter your shipment details. You will see that your discounted pricing is automatically applied.
  3. Pay by credit card, or charge it to your account. Then, schedule a pick up service or drop off your package, and your shipment is on its way!

How much will I save?

Click here to see the full chamber discount chart, and compare it to current UPS rates found here. Once you log in to your account (enrollment instructions above), you’ll see your discounted rates automatically applied.

You will also save 10% at any UPS Store by providing your account number at checkout (you must first enroll online or by phone.)

How it works:

Once you’re signed up, using UPS is simple. Packages can be processed, paid for, picked up and tracked using the “Shipping” tab after logging into your account. Make sure you’ve enrolled in the Georgia Chamber program first to get your discount.

UPS guarantees delivery of more packages around the world than anyone, and delivers more packages overnight on time in the US than any other carrier. Click here to learn more about all program services and benefits.


To learn more about Investor Benefits and the UPS shipping discounts, please contact Lauren Meeks at

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