The Georgia Chamber was hard at work fighting for Georgia businesses and families this past legislative session. Make sure to check how your elected representatives at the state capitol voted on issues that will affect your family and business by heading over to our legislative Scorecard! Below are the Chamber’s 2017 Scorecard initiatives.

Senate Bill 70 “Hospital Medicaid Financing Program” – Sponsored by Sen. Butch Miller (R – Gainesville)
Senate bill 70 is a critical measure aimed at ensuring Georgia’s hospitals receive much-needed financial support. The bill reauthorizes much needed payments to hospitals to obtain federal financial assistance for the state’s Medicaid program. Reauthorization of this financing program returns hundreds of millions in federal tax dollars to Georgia.

Senate Bill 3 “Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training (CONNECT) Act” – Sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Tippins (R – Marietta)
Senate bill 3 aims to identify critical workforce needs and provide students with opportunities to earn industry credentials in those fields. The bill links education and workforce development by embedding skills-based learning into academic instruction. These efforts align with the Georgia Chamber’s priority to enhance workforce readiness to improve lives and promote economic mobility and prosperity.

House Bill 73 – Sponsored by Rep. Penny Houston (R – Nashville)
House bill 73 will help incentivize economic growth and investment in some of Georgia’s most economically disadvantaged rural areas. This legislation is an important piece in a larger conversation surrounding the opportunities for economic growth in rural communities throughout Georgia. HB 73 creates innovative tax incentives, tied to sustainable and responsible job creation, to encourage the revitalization of downtown centers across rural Georgia.

House Bill 338 – Sponsored by Rep. Kevin Tanner (R – Dawsonville)
House bill 338 gives low performing schools the tools to help all students reach their full potential. Furthermore, the bill allows all students to prepare for post-secondary and career success and will help build a strong workforce to ensure employers have the talent they need to keep Georgia competitive.

House Bill 245 – Sponsored by Rep. Al Williams (D – Midway)
House bill 245 requires professional licensing boards and other boards to adopt rules and regulations that allow military spouses and transitioning service members to qualify for certain licenses. This legislation will assist in Georgia’s compliance with the Base Realignment and Closure Committee (BRACC) and help better serve our state’s military families, personnel, and institutions.

House Bill 192 – Sponsored by Rep. Beth Beskin (R – Atlanta)
House bill 192 brings the standard of care for officers and directors in Georgia back in line with the standard in 35 other states. Passage of HB 192 would create a more predictable legal climate that is attractive to companies considering Georgia as a potential corporate headquarters. Under HB 192, businesses in Georgia of all sizes will benefit from an improved civil justice system that remains fair and equitable to all parties.

House Bill 134 – Sponsored by Rep. Bubber Epps (R – Dry Branch)
House bill 134 allows for greater flexibility in the administration of single county T-SPLOST, including allowing a county to levy multiple T-SPLOST as long as the total amount levied does not exceed 1%. HB 134 also grants cities the authority to bond their T-SPLOST projects, an option currently available only to counties. HB 134 provides local officials, working with their constituents, the tools necessary to build and maintain a transportation network necessary to attract business growth and address their citizens’ needs.

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