Over the past six years, Georgia’s number one industry has been reaching Georgians in a unique way. In partnerships with local businesses and individuals, the Georgia Department of Agriculture set out to create an environment for Georgia businesses to reach consumers with locally sourced products. For those of you who haven’t seen the signs, stickers, and marketing materials in your local grocery store, the Georgia Grown program is shaking up how local producers meet your buying demands.

Started in 2011, Georgia Grown seeks to market products made, produced, or processed, in Georgia to consumers across the country. You may see the Georgia Grown sticker on your favorite jar of salsa, below the famously sweet Vidalia onions, or on the green bell peppers going into your latest recipe. In a modern consumer environment that appreciates locally grown products, Georgia Grown is a great place to start during your next shopping trip.

Looking beyond the point of sale in your local store, Georgia Grown has also connected businesses across the state. Restaurants can now support local farmers and producers by finding them on the Georgia Grown website, and those same farmers and producers can in turn find Georgia Grown businesses to buy their products. While a marketing tool for Georgia agriculture and agribusiness, Georgia Grown has also fostered a networking environment for businesses of all sizes to connect with each other.

“The Georgia Grown program partners with businesses across Georgia to promote the state’s agricultural bounty.  From emerging neighborhood food artisans to a booming established agribusiness, the Georgia Grown network is designed to encompass the entirety of the Georgia agricultural community,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black.

During your next trip to the grocery store, make sure to pick up some local Georgia Grown products. Also, check out the Georgia Grown website at www.georgiagrown.com for listings of members and producers.

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