Did you know that in 2016, Georgia hosted more feature film productions than any other market? It’s no wonder they call us the Hollywood of the South! From blockbuster hits like The Walking Dead, to The Fast and the Furious franchise, every genre of film has made its way to the Peach State. Along with creating thousands of new jobs for Georgians all over the state, these productions have generated an economic impact of over $7 billion!

So, what makes our great state such a popular place for film production? There are multiple answers to that question, with one of those being Georgia’s incredible geographic flexibility and diversity. Our state guarantees a unique climate that supports year-round shooting. Whether you’re looking to film in a laidback beach community, or a quaint southern small town, Georgia offers endless possibilities. But that’s not the only reason the Peach State has become such a hotspot for film – Our robust incentive program offers up to a 30 percent tax credit, which draws in Hollywood’s premiere talent, directors, and teams!

We’re now at a point where the film industry is not just filming on location in Georgia, they’re making brick and mortar investments by building production facilities, which creates a ripple effect through Georgia’s economy. Innovation is key for so many aspects of the economy, but the film industry is also increasingly relying on visual effects. The higher education system in Georgia is responding to these demands by developing new programs in visual arts, design, and programming.

Next time you’re out running a simple errand or making your way through town, don’t be surprised if you accidentally stumble upon a movie set with star actors Gerard Butler or “The Rock.” No matter which celebrity happens to be in your neighborhood, one things for sure, Georgia continues to rise to the top of the charts and we’re proud to be a part of this historic moment.

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