When you hear “Chamber of Commerce” you probably think of welcoming new businesses, ribbon cutting ceremony’s and networking opportunities. And while all those assumptions are correct, the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce proves to be so much more than that. The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven and business focused organization that advocates for the economic growth of the Greater Augusta area.

The mission of the Columbia County Chamber is to advocate for members and businesses to promote and sustain economic growth in the area. They accomplish this mission by promoting the beneficial growth of the community through a solid and growing economy. With a solidified and growing economic community, more planning and development of programs, services and initiatives are introduced to the ever-growing community.

By continuing to put their members and the needs of the community first, the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce has become one of the most trusted names in business advocacy.

To learn more about the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, please visit their website at


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