The Georgia Chamber is proud to acknowledge the Pierce County Chamber in this week’s local chamber spotlight. Here at the Georgia Chamber, we like to take the time to recognize local chambers around the state that are going above and beyond to create and sustain their region’s economy and community. It’s clear that the Pierce County Chamber isn’t missing a beat with their Secretary of State Student Ambassador Program.

This program allows Georgia’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to partner with the Secretary of State’s office through a local sponsor and engage with their communities through civic involvement and voter registration. Student Ambassadors gain confidence in public speaking, develop time management skills, learn to work as a team, improve problem-solving techniques, and cultivate professionalism.

During the eight months of this program, the students are given opportunities they may not have experienced without it – scholarships, jobs, career connections, public speaking skills, leadership development, character building, communication skills, debating etiquette, and tolerance. The Pierce County Chamber has managed to bridge the gap between the community and the school system – young and old.

This statewide competition is held every school year with over 100 schools participating. The Pierce County Chamber’s program won 3rd in the state and 1st in the region during the 2016/2017 school year.

We’d like to congratulate the Pierce County Chamber for their involvement and investment in their community and youth.

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