Make room for our newest member welcome, 3Ci! For almost 40 years, this IT talent staffing company has aimed to assist talent-seekers and job-seekers alike find the perfect fit. Since 1978, 3Ci has maintained its momentum as a leader in talent and training for Atlanta’s tech community by attracting qualified and diverse job-seekers and guiding them towards sustainable employers.

Our new member is no ordinary staffing agency. It credits much of its success to a belief in serving others and holding to high standards like integrity, honesty, and ethics, while remaining equally true to its staff, clients, consultants, and community.

With a talent network of more than 230,000 tech professionals worldwide, 3Ci is committed to ensuring it energizes better people for the perfect fit! The organization seeks to maintain its strong talent pool while training their talent-seeking clients to develop a culture of servant leadership and good faith. Such training starts internally, and 3Ci showcases this by giving back to Atlanta and various communities around the state. The 3Ci team has built 15 Habitat for Humanity homes and has put in incredible hours with other community-service organizations. More recently, the organization established a program that has awarded scholarship funds to more than 30 children of service men and women.

The Georgia Chamber is proud to welcome 3Ci to our network. For more information, visit the following link:

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