New Member Welcome: Georgia Swarm Lacrosse

The Georgia Chamber is proud to introduce the Georgia Swarm as our newest member. As the reigning National Lacrosse League world champions, the Georgia Swarm Lacrosse team has undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the world of sports and in Georgia. After breaking what was Atlanta’s two-decade professional-sports championship dry streak, The Georgia Swarm has created quite a lot of buzz as it pertains to the game of lacrosse.

Creating a type of hybrid game that combines the physical intensity of hockey along with the high-speed endurance of basketball, the Georgia Swarm team embodies the game of lacrosse with a type of natural ease and delivery.

Gearing up for their third season, the Georgia swarm has a lot in store for fans to enjoy, starting with a celebration at their first home game this season. Join the Georgia Swarm at the Infinite Energy Center as they unveil Atlanta’s first championship banner since 1995! Also enjoy a halftime performance by Atlanta’s very own 2 Chainz.

Swarm season tickets are in sale now. You can also own a Swarm championship ring with the purchase of four season tickets. To learn more about the Georgia Swarm or to purchase tickets, click here.

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