2020 Post-Primary Election Day Update

Walt Farrell

Published June 17, 2020

Press Release

2020 Post-Primary Election Day Update

On behalf of the Public Affairs Team at the Georgia Chamber, we would like to extend congratulations to candidates who secured victory in Georgia’s 2020 Primary Election on Tuesday, June 9.

To view the full list of unofficial election results, click here.

We would like to give special recognition to two Chamber-endorsed candidates, Clint Dixon (Senate District 45, Gwinnett county) and Buddy DeLoach (House District 167, Long, McIntosh, & Glynn county) on their primary election victories in open seats. Clint faces general opposition this November and we would ask for your continued support of his campaign.

We also ask for your continued support of the following Chamber-endorsed candidates in open seats headed for a primary runoff on August 11.

Senate District 04, formerly held by Senator Jack Hill

Billy Hickman 33.32%, Dr. W. Scott Bohlke 31.97%

Senate District 31, formerly held by Senator Bill Heath

Boyd Austin 40.30%, Jason Anavitarte 35.99%

Senate District 50, formerly held by Senator John Wilkinson

Stacy Hall 24.40%, Bo Hatchett 23.46%

House District 09, formerly held by Representative Kevin Tanner

Will Wade 34.39%, Steve Leibel 20.44%

House District 10, formerly held by Representative Terry Rogers

Victor Anderson 42.50%, Robert Crumley 30.24%

House District 18, formerly held by Representative Kevin Cooke,

Cason Hightower 46.91%, Tyler Paul Smith 34.91%

House District 21, formerly held by Representative Scot Turner

Bill Fincher 48.68%, Brad Thomas 37.08%

The list of Chamber-endorsed legislative incumbents who won their primary election are as follows:

Sarah Warren for Supreme Court

Charlie Bethel for Supreme Court

Senate District 10, Senator Emanuel Jones

Senate District 12, Senator Freddie Powell Sims

Senate District 15, Senator Ed Harbison

Senate District 20, Senator Larry Walker, III

Senate District 35, Senator Donzella James

Senate District 53, Senator Jeff Mullis

House District 03, Representative Dewayne Hill

House District 11, Representative Rick Jasperse

House District 13, Representative Katie Dempsey

House District 39, Representative Erica Thomas

House District 42, Representative Teri Anulewicz

House District 78, Representative Demetrius Douglas

House District 103, Representative Timothy Barr

House District 128, Representative Mack Jackson

House District 152, Representative Bill Yearta

Upcoming dates of importance:

August 11th – Primary Runoff Election day
October 5th – General Election voter registration deadline
October 12th – Early voting begins
November 3rd – General Election day

We look forward to continuing to work with these candidates on the priorities of the business community.

Georgia Chamber Political Action Committee

Thank you to all our members who have supported the Georgia Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) and participated in the Georgia Chamber’s political process.

Your involvement and support of the Georgia Chamber PAC is a testament to your company’s commitment to maintaining a strong business community, but without your political support, our efforts to enact good public policy and stop bad public policy are severely hindered. If you are interested in supporting the Georgia Chamber PAC or participating in upcoming PAC events, please contact Allison Plummer at aplummer@gachamber.com or visit Georgia Chamber PAC.

If you have questions about the Georgia Chamber’s political engagement, please contact our Chief Public Affairs Officer David Raynor at draynor@gachamber.com.

Thank you for all for your continued support for the Georgia Chamber and your investments in helping to grow the state’s economy.