Authentic Georgia Spotlight

Walt Farrell

Published April 30, 2019

Press Release

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Authentic Georgia was first introduced at the 2018 Eggs and Issues event to increase business visibility in Georgia. Every Georgia business has a story to share and Authentic Georgia strives to strengthen the relationship between people and business. Georgia proudly represents inclusive products, things to do/tourism opportunities, homegrown makers, the talent offered and the entertainment industry.

Authentic Georgia focuses on diverse people who bring awareness to goods, locations and businesses that operate to support robust communities that essentially grow the economy. Agriculture is a large part of the state and Authentic Georgia focuses on highlighting those vibrant opportunities for the economy.

With 27 total members, Authentic Georgia wants to spotlight a new member each month. This will provide insight on the initiative and share about the local businesses and experiences that impact the community. Local companies will have the opportunity to showcase their business and the background behind it. Stay tuned as we begin highlighting Authentic Georgia members next month!

For more information on how to join or to get more involved, contact Molly Giddens at and visit