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Walt Farrell

Published December 18, 2019

Press Release

We live in a world where connectivity is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Smarter devices, faster data, and new technologies have led to a dramatic shift in the way people consume information and how businesses rely on it, leading to a significant increase in data demand and usage. This connectivity, data access, and subsequent growth potential requires a network of communications infrastructure.

Crown Castle owns and operates more than 40,000 cell towers, 75,000 route miles of fiber, and approximately 70,000 small cells on air or under contract in the U.S. This portfolio of shared communications infrastructure connects cities and communities to essential data, technology, and wireless service – bringing information, ideas, and innovations to the people and businesses that need them.

In Georgia, Crown Castle has a large regional office in Alpharetta, and over 1,500 towers, 1,200 route miles of fiber, and 1,900 small cells. Their communication infrastructure serves major wireless carriers, and 35 government, school, and public safety customers across the state.

As the demand for connectivity grows, Crown Castle continues to work with numerous jurisdictions in the state, including the Metro Atlanta area, to increase network coverage and capacity. During the 2019 Georgia Legislative Session, Crown Castle advocated with others in the industry to pass Senate Bill 66, the "Streamlining Wireless Facilities and Antennas Act." This will standardize and streamline the small cell deployment process across the state, which will play a major role as Georgia realizes the economic potential and safety benefits that increased connectivity and 5G technology will bring.

The American Consumer Institute’s Center for Citizen Research estimates $39.4 billion in statewide consumer benefits will come from 5G services. Investments in smart city and 5G technology are projected to bring more than 16,000 jobs per year and $8.5 billion in investment to Georgia. Most importantly, a robust communications infrastructure will help position Georgia as a leader in technology and innovation in the years to come – in areas such as smart cities, the Internet of Things, education, and healthcare.

In addition to economic benefits and new technology, increased connectivity creates important connections that make communities around the country, including Georgia, a safer place to live. Across the country, 80% of 911 calls originate from a mobile device. Reliable and resilient communications infrastructure helps police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and other first responders do their jobs by providing access to the communications and information they need. 5G will allow first responders to send video via helmet cameras or other wireless devices in real-time, have wireless access to building drawings within seconds of a request and access enhanced location-based services for 911 calls.

Crown Castle Facts:

  • NYSE S&P 500 listed company (NYSE: CCI).
  • $79B enterprise value (as of closing on October 18, 2019).
  • $5.8B+ annual revenue (Q3 2019 LTM net revenue).
  • 180 employees in Georgia, of the total 5,000 employees in the U.S.

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