Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room - A Southwest Georgia Treasure

Walt Farrell

Published December 18, 2019

Press Release

Authentic Georgia is proud to highlight Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room as an exceptional member for the month of December.

Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room is a Southwest Georgia treasure enjoyable for both newbies and experts in wine tasting alike. Blended with vinifera from French-American hybrid wine grapes, their wines are fruit-forward, off-dry, bright, distinctive, and superior in quality. Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room prides itself for being a third-generation family farm that began making their first young wines in 2015. They knew they were on the right track when one of the first wines, Hellraiser, won a Best of Class award from the San Francisco Chronicle for its very first release. Their tasting room later opened in downtown Thomasville in May 2016.

Currently, Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room is open for tastings without an appointment needed from Tuesday - Sunday. Visitors can taste all seven of their award-winning wines for just $15. They offer wine-based cocktails, locally sourced pairing items like cheese and charcuterie, macarons and organic artisan chocolates.

Renee Moss, co-owner, stated, “FDV is really a whole team effort. Making really great wine and branding that wine are only two tiers of what we do. The Tasting Room experience is equally important, and our team of wine experts are responsible for that, from knowledge and attentive service to presentation and atmosphere. One cannot exist without the other.”

To learn more about Farmer's Daughters Vineyards + Tasting Room, visit their website here:

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