GBAN Legislative Update - February 10, 2017

Walt Farrell

Published February 13, 2017


Legislative Calendar Tuesday, February 14th will be legislative day 17. The calendar will run through Friday, February 17th for legislative day 20. Legislation of Interest House Bill 73Income tax credit; incentives to promote the revitalization of rural Georgia downtowns; provide

  • Status: Support
  • Bill Author: Representative Penny Houston (R – Nashville) 
  • HB 73 is a tax credit aimed at revitalizing rural downtowns and is supported by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
  • HB 73 creates revitalization zones (RZ) under the discretion of the Commissioner of DCA and Economic Development for which existing businesses and developers can receive tax credits for qualified projects.
  • HB 73 passed the House Ways & Means Committee on Thursday, February 9th by substitute and will be proceeding to the House Rules Committee.

House Bill 155Georgia Musical Investment Act; enact

  • Status: Support
  • Bill Author: Representative Amy Carter (R – Valdosta)
  • HB 155 Offers a 20 – 25% income tax credit for projects that are recorded in Georgia or for tours that invest in the state above a threshold dollar amount.
  • The Chamber supports this bill in an effort to replicate successes in Georgia’s booming film industry and spur growth in an emerging frontier of our state’s economy.
  • HB 155 is currently in the House Ways & Means Committee.

House Bill 192Banks, trust companies, and corporations; responsibilities and standard of care of directors and officers; change provisions

  • Status: Chamber Scorecard – Support
  • Bill Author: Representative Beth Beskin (R – Atlanta)
  • HB 192 aims to return to an environment that facilitates reasonable decisions by corporate directors and officers. It also encourages companies to incorporate in Georgia, thereby creating opportunities for further economic growth.
  • HB 192 received its first House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Friday, February 10.

Senate Bill 70Hospital Medicaid Financing Program 

  • Status: Chamber Scorecard – Support
  • Bill Author: Senator Butch Miller (R – Gainesville)
  • SB 70 seeks to extend the sunset on the so-called “provider fee” for hospitals to June of 2020. The bill is expected to generate $311 million annually in state Medicaid funds and assists in drawing back $600 million in federal Medicaid dollars.
  • SB 70 passed the Senate on Thursday, February 2 on an overwhelming vote of 50-3, and is the first bill to receive scorecard designation from the Chamber for the 2017 session.
  • The House took action on SB 70 on Friday, February 10th voting in favor of passage 152-14

Political Engagement The Chamber would like to congratulate now Secretary Tom Price on his confirmation as U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary early this morning (2/10/17) on a party-line vote of 52-47. We’re excited to see what Secretary Price’s leadership will do for Georgia and the nation.

Dr. Price’s confirmation and subsequent resignation from his congressional seat has prompted Governor Deal to call for a special election on April 18, 2017. In the special election, all candidates will run on one ballot and if no individual earns over 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held between the top two contenders on June 20, 2017. A crowded field looks to be lining up to compete for Price’s seat, which stretches from east Cobb County to north DeKalb and Fulton counties; qualifying begins Monday, February 13th and will close on Wednesday, February 15th.

The Georgia Chamber Political Affairs Council looks forward to backing pro-business candidates in any upcoming state legislative special elections. If you have any questions about the Political Affairs Council or would like more information regarding the Chamber’s political engagement efforts, please contact Chelsey Ruppersburg at