GBAN Legislative Update – January 12, 2018

Walt Farrell

Published January 16, 2018


Legislative Calendar
Monday, the Georgia General Assembly convened for the start of the 2018 Legislative Session. The General Assembly worked Monday through Thursday completing four legislative days of the 40-day Session. Next week, the General Assembly will be adjourned as both chambers conduct budget hearings and will reconvene Thursday, January 18th.

Political Affairs Update
The Georgia Chamber congratulates Geoffrey Cauble and Brian Strickland on their election victories of House District 111 and Senate District 17, respectively. The Chamber is proud to have endorsed both candidates, and looks forward to working with them under the gold dome. To view the press release for Cauble click here, and to view the press release for Strickland click here. The Georgia Chamber Political Affairs Council, Inc. (PAC) is continuing to support candidates and elected officials running who champion business-friendly, job-creating initiatives. Your support of the PAC is essential as we work to keep Georgia the number one state in which to do business. To make a donation to the PAC click here, and to view upcoming PAC events click here. For additional information regarding the Chamber’s Political Affairs Council, Inc., contact Chelsey Ruppersburg at

Eggs & Issues 2018
On Wednesday, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Eggs & Issues Breakfast at the Georgia World Congress Center. This year’s event convened over 2,500 of Georgia’s most notable business leaders, stakeholders, and elected officials. This year’s featured guests and speakers included Governor Nathan Deal, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, House Speaker David Ralston, and 2018 Georgia Chamber Chairman Kessel Stelling, President, Chairman & CEO of Synovus Financial Corporation. To view a recap of this year’s celebration, click here.

Authentic Georgia
During Wednesday’s annual Eggs & Issues Breakfast, 2018 Georgia Chamber Chairman, Kessel Stelling, announced the launch of the Chamber’s Authentic Georgia campaign. The objective of this initiative is to connect Georgia-based business leaders as they work to promote economic growth and mobility through their products and services. Authentic Georgia is a unified brand that celebrates Georgia’s thriving businesses and diverse communities. The Authentic Georgia website provides users with an in-depth experience into Georgia’s unique business community. The website includes videos, profiles, and an Authentic Georgia shop where apparel is available for purchase. Learn more about the Authentic Georgia campaign here.

8 for 18
During the Chamber’s annual Eggs & Issues Breakfast, Georgia Chamber President & CEO, Chris Clark, revealed the organization’s ‘8 for 18’ initiative. The Chamber’s '8 for 18' priorities serve as a public policy strategy to inform political candidates on issues relative to Georgia’s business community as they adopt their own campaign platforms. As the Chamber’s official statewide prosperity agenda, the platform addresses eight of the state’s most pressing economic issues, and provides effective measures to improve the quality of life and business climate across the state. Information about the Georgia Chamber’s '8 for 18' prosperity agenda can be accessed here on the official website.

Governor Deal’s State of the State Address
In an encouraging but emotional State of the State Address, Governor Nathan Deal delivered his eighth and final speech on Thursday. In an overview of his achievements while in office, he recognized the hard work and dedication of his administration, state and local agencies, executive leadership, and members of the General Assembly. As the address was entitled “Orchards of Opportunity” Governor Deal emphasized the significance of planting “seeds of opportunity” for future generations. During his speech, Deal revealed his spending plan as he reminded Georgia lawmakers and the general public that there was, “much work to do this session.” His final state operating budget allocates funding for initiatives that he believes will be a tree of hope for Georgia’s youth. The Georgia Chamber commends Governor Deal for his commitment to economic development and job creation over the past seven years, and looks forward to working with his administration throughout 2018. View the Governor’s speech in its entirety here.