Georgia Chamber Announces Legislative Endorsements for the 2022 Midterm Election

Walt Farrell

Published September 30, 2022


Atlanta, GA – Friday, September 30, 2022 – Today, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce announced its slate of legislative endorsements for the 2022 Midterm Election. As the premiere statewide business advocacy organization, the Chamber not only engages in public policy matters, but it also engages politically to ensure candidates for office remain focused on building a better state for business. Each election cycle, the Chamber’s Political Affairs Council vets dozens of candidates for office. Legislative incumbents are largely considered based on their voting record with the business community, whereas candidates for open seats actively seek the organization’s endorsement by completing a candidate questionnaire on issues of importance to businesses statewide. After working through the endorsement process, business leaders from across the state are confident that the following list of both legislative incumbents and candidates for open seats will make effective policy decisions that positively impact free enterprise and job creation in Georgia.

“The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and our statewide membership appreciate these candidates’ commitment to bolstering the economic vitality of our state. We know there is a clear choice in who will champion pro-growth policies in Georgia,” said David Raynor, Georgia Chamber Chief Public Affairs Officer. “The Georgia Chamber is proud to endorse these pro-business candidates and looks forward to a great working relationship if elected.”

The Georgia Chamber’s endorsed candidates for the 2022 Midterm Election include:

Chamber-endorsed Statewide Incumbents:
Governor, Brian P. Kemp
Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger
Attorney General, Chris Carr
Insurance Commissioner, John King
State School Superintendent, Richard Woods

Georgia Supreme Court, Verda Colvin
Fulton County Superior Court, Chuck Eaton
Fulton County Superior Court, Paige Whitaker

Chamber-endorsed Statewide Open Seat Candidates:
Lieutenant Governor, Burt Jones
Commissioner of Agriculture, Tyler Harper
Commissioner of Labor, Bruce Thompson

Chamber-endorsed Legislative Open Seat Candidates:
Senate District 2, Derek Mallow (D)
Senate District 3, Mike Hodges (R)
Senate District 14, Liz Hausmann (R)
Senate District 25, Rick Williams (R)
Senate District 48, Shawn Still (R)
Senate District 49, Shelly Echols (R)
House District 22, Jordan Ridley (R)
House District 40, Doug Stoner (D)
House District 53, Deborah Silcox (R)
House District 80, Long Tran (D)
House District 99, Matt Reeves (R)
House District 117, Lauren Daniel (R)
House District 119, Danny Rampey (R)
House District 160, Lehman Franklin (R)

Chamber-endorsed Legislative Incumbents:
Senate District 1, Ben Watson (R)
Senate District 10, Emanuel Jones (D)
Senate District 16, Marty Harbin (R)
Senate District 17, Brian Strickland (R)
Senate District 18, John Kennedy (R)
Senate District 19, Blake Tillery (R)
Senate District 27, Greg Dolezal (R)
Senate District 29, Randy Robertson (R)
Senate District 32, Kay Kirkpatrick (R)
Senate District 33, Michael "Doc" Rhett (D)
Senate District 45, Clint Dixon (R)
Senate District 46, Bill Cowsert (R)
Senate District 47, Frank Ginn (R)
Senate District 50, Bo Hatchett (R)
Senate District 55, Gloria Butler (D)

Chamber-endorsed Legislative Incumbents:
House District 1, Mike Cameron (R)
House District 2, Steve Tarvin (R)
House District 4, Kasey Carpenter (R)
House District 8, Stan Gunter (R)
House District 9, Will Wade (R)
House District 11, Rick Jasperse (R)
House District 12, Eddie Lumsden (R)
House District 13, Katie Dempsey (R)
House District 18, Tyler Paul Smith (R)
House District 23, Mandi Ballinger (R)
House District 25, Todd Jones (R)
House District 26, Lauren McDonald III (R)
House District 29, Matt Dubnik (R)
House District 31, Emory Dunahoo (R)
House District 33, Alan Powell (R)
House District 34, Devan Seabaugh (R)
House District 44, Don Parsons (R)
House District 45, Sharon Cooper (R)
House District 46, John Carson (R)
House District 49, Charles "Chuck" Martin (R)
House District 56, Mesha Mainor (D)
House District 69, Debra Bazemore (D)
House District 70, Lynn Smith (R)
House District 71, J. Collins (R)
House District 74, Karen Mathiak (R)
House District 75, Mike Glanton (D)
House District 85, Karla Drenner (D)
House District 88, Billy Mitchell (D)
House District 93, Doreen Carter (D)
House District 104, Chuck Efstration (R)
House District 106, Shelly Hutchinson (D)
House District 112, Bruce Williamson (R)
House District 118, Clint Crowe (R)
House District 120, Houston Gaines (R)
House District 121, Marcus Wiedower (R)
House District 124, Trey Rhodes (R)
House District 132, Brian Prince (D)
House District 134, David Knight (R)
House District 135, Beth Camp (R)
House District 136, David Jenkins (R)
House District 144, Dale Washburn (R)
House District 146, Shaw Blackmon (R)
House District 151, Mike Cheokas (R)
House District 154, Gerald Greene (R)
House District 156, Leesa Hagan (R)
House District 158, Butch Parrish (R)
House District 161, Bill Hitchens (R)
House District 162, Carl Gilliard (D)
House District 164, Ron Stephens (R)
House District 168, Al Williams (D)
House District 169, Clay Pirkle (R)
House District 173, Darlene Taylor (R)
House District 175, John LaHood (R)
House District 178, Steven Meeks (R)
House District 180, Steven Sainz (R)

The midterm election will take place Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The Georgia Chamber is a nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to working with elected officials to ensure a future of economic growth for Georgia businesses, workers, and families. To locate your polling place or view your voter status, visit

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