Georgia Chamber Announces Release of Annual Rural Renaissance Report

Walt Farrell

Published February 24, 2022

Press Release

Atlanta, GA – Thursday, February 24, 2022 – The Georgia Chamber of Commerce announces the release of the 2022 Rural Renaissance Report following a meeting of the Rural Prosperity Council in Tifton, GA. The report is part of continued efforts to elevate Georgia's 140 rural counties through recommendations highlighting strategies and innovative solutions.

Since 2018, the Georgia Chamber Center for Rural Prosperity has used the annual Rural Report to propose hundreds of recommendations intended to stimulate economic vitality and quality of life in rural parts of the state. In addition to dozens more recommendations, this year's report highlights future infrastructure needs, as well as three Best Practice examples from north and south Georgia communities.

"With this report we are, once again, reaffirming the Georgia Chamber's strongest commitment to serving our rural economies. Our 2022 Chairman, Ben Tarbutton, is from the small community of Sandersville, Georgia and one of his personal priorities will be to continue the work we do for Rural Georgia. Our team is focused and is determined to make a positive impact through the Rural Prosperity Council and our programming," said Chris Clark, President & CEO of the Georgia Chamber. "We will continue to advocate for our rural communities and as well as to support and inform our rural leaders. Partners like the Georgia Municipal Association, the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, and our college and university partners will be instrumental in serving our rural areas and helping develop a plan for success."

"Additionally, I'd like to thank our outgoing council Chair, Matt Reed, for his service to the rural community and welcome Barbara Hampton as our Chair for 2022."

The Rural Renaissance Report is available now for review, please visit: