Georgia Chamber Celebrates Pro-Business Victories in 2023 Legislative Session

Walt Farrell

Published April 11, 2023

Press Release

Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, April 11, 2023 – On Wednesday, March 29th, the Georgia General Assembly concluded the first session of the 2023-2024 legislative biennium. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce thanks members of the House and Senate for their focus on economic development, job creation, infrastructure, and education.

Many of the Chamber’s top-priority bills involving statewide economic growth and workforce development were adopted by the general assembly and are now awaiting signature by Governor Kemp. These pieces of legislation include, but were not limited to, individual income and property tax relief; expanding access to our state technical colleges; heightened public safety measures for our communities; protecting our critical infrastructure; and increasing literacy resources for the success of our future workforce.

“We are proud of the work that has been done to advance pro-business policies this session. The bills currently before the Governor for his consideration will ensure the success of future economic development in Georgia by addressing the needs of our workforce, encouraging talent retention, and promoting free market principles,” said Chris Clark, President and CEO of the Georgia Chamber.

As the Legislature enters the interim period between sessions, the Chamber is looking forward to working on key issues that fell short this session including common-sense reforms to our civil justice system; solutions to our workforce housing crisis; occupational licensure reform; and a funding strategy for Georgia’s freight and logistics network.

“The Chamber would like to thank members of House and Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle who worked with us to advance our legislative priorities this session, and we look forward to continuing our work on the pro-business policies that will be back on the calendar next year,” said David Raynor, Chief Public Affairs Officer. “Additionally, we look forward to partnering with the House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Finance Committee, and Governor Kemp’s office as they conduct a comprehensive review of the many tax credits that keep Georgia the number one state to do business.”