Georgia Chamber Congratulates Endorsed Winners of 2024 Primary Election

Walt Farrell

Published May 22, 2024


Press Release

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ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia Chamber of Commerce congratulates its endorsees who won their 2024 Primary Election races. Each election cycle, the Chamber’s Political Affairs Council vets dozens of candidates for office so that business leaders from across the state can have confidence that endorsed candidates that will make effective policy decisions that positively impact free enterprise and job creation in Georgia.

“The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and our statewide membership congratulate our endorsed candidates on their victories this election,” said David Raynor, Georgia Chamber Chief Public Affairs Officer. “We are proud to support these pro-business candidates and look forward to working together as we bolster the economic vitality of our state.”

The Georgia Chamber congratulates the following endorsed candidates on their victory in the 2024 Primary Election:

Brad Thomas, HD-21, R-Holly Springs
Jordan Ridley, HD-22, R-Woodstock
Todd Jones, HD-25, R-South Forsyth
Derrick McCollum, HD-30, R-Chestnut Mountain
Jan Jones, HD-47, R-Milton
Chuck Martin, HD-49, R-Alpharetta
Debra Bazemore, HD-69, D-South Fulton
Long Tran, HD-80, D-Dunwoody
Mary Margaret Oliver, HD-84, D-Decatur
Marvin Lim, HD-98, D-Norcross
Sharon Henderson, HD-113, D-Covington
Marcus Wiedower, HD-121, R-Watkinsville
Karlton Howard, HD-129, D-Augusta
Robert Dickey, HD-134, R-Musella
David Jenkins, HD-136, R-Grantville
David Sampson, HD-153, D-Albany
Al Williams, HD-168, D-Midway
Joe Campbell, HD-171, R-Camilla

Ben Watson, SD-1, R-Savannah
Larry Walker, SD-20, R-Perry
Rick Williams, SD-25, R-Milledgeville
Donzella James, SD-28, D-Atlanta
Kay Kirkpatrick, SD-32, R-Marietta
Michael ‘Doc’ Rhett, SD-33, D-Marietta
Nan Orrock, SD-36, D-Atlanta
Elena Parent, SD-44, D-Atlanta
Frank Ginn, SD-47, R-Danielsville

Jutt Howard, HD 71, R-Carrollton

Justice Andrew Pinson