Recent Chamber Endorsements

Walt Farrell

Published May 10, 2018


The primary purpose of the Political Affairs Council is to guide the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in its involvement in Georgia’s political process both by managing current efforts and programs, as well as developing new opportunities for the business community to engage in the electoral process.

Endorsement of a candidate allows the Political Affairs Council to support our business champions serving under the Gold Dome, as well as pro-business candidates running for office.


  • Tricia Pridemore | Public Service Commissioner District 5 Candidate | Learn More
  • Donna Sheldon | House District 105 Candidate | Learn More
  • Vance Smith | House District 133 Candidate | Learn More
  • Paula Hastings | House District 102 Candidate | Learn More

As we continue to announce endorsements, they will be posted to this page. We encourage you to check back as these announcements progress, and to also follow us on our social media platforms where we formally broadcast our endorsements (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

If you have any questions about the Chamber’s endorsement process, please contact Kyle Jackson at