Georgia Chamber Endorses Attorney General Chris M. Carr in Bid for Re-election

Walt Farrell

Published December 15, 2021


Atlanta, Georgia—Wednesday, December 15, 2021—The Georgia Chamber of Commerce announces its endorsement of Attorney General Chris Carr in his bid for re-election in 2022. Each election cycle, the Chamber's Political Affairs Council vets dozens of candidates for office. After working through the endorsement process, business leaders from across the state are confident that Attorney General Carr will continue to make effective policy decisions that positively impact free enterprise and job creation across the state.

"As the premier statewide business advocacy organization, the Georgia Chamber is excited to support Attorney General Carr as he seeks re-election," stated Chris Clark, President & CEO of the Georgia Chamber. "Since 2016, the Attorney General has worked on numerous fronts to improve Georgia through his work in economic development and now as the state's chief crimefighter. The Chamber wishes to thank the Attorney General for his efforts to end human trafficking, combatting the opioid crisis and strengthening Georgia's cybersecurity position. His long-standing relationships within the legal community, and organizations like our have solidified his resolve to ensure Georgia remains prosperous."

"As Attorney General and previously as Commissioner of Economic Development, I have been proud to work alongside the Georgia Chamber and its member companies to help keep Georgia the No. 1 state in the nation to do business. During COVID, I pushed for liability protections for businesses navigating the unprecedented global pandemic, and I have fought back against the unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate that would have turned our businesses into the health care police and made the workforce shortage even worse. I am working on solutions to the growing organized retail crime issue that is resulting in skyrocketing online theft as well as smash-and-grab incidents at retail stores. I am proud to play a role in creating a predictable and stable legal and regulatory climate in our state that allows business to grow and create jobs, and I am honored to have the Georgia Chamber's endorsement as we work together to keep Georgia's economy thriving."

The Georgia Chamber is a nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to working with elected officials to ensure a future of economic growth for Georgia businesses, workers and families. To locate your polling place or view your voter status, visit