Georgia Crafted

Walt Farrell

Published June 26, 2019

Press Release

Authentic Georgia is proud to highlight one of it’s outstanding members for the month of July. As the largest one-stop shop for Georgia-made products, Georgia Crafted initially started as a monthly subscription box company for local products. The sole purpose was to celebrate different brands by curating four to five new products each month. Inspired by her appreciation for local shopping, Erin Zwigart and her husband first established this idea not only by allowing others the pleasure of discovering new products, but also by offering the ability to “shop locally” while supporting a local business. However, her husband questioned, “Why just Atlanta-made products? Why not promote the entire State of Georgia?” Just like that, Georgia Crafted was created.

After her website was launched in 2013 to jumpstart her business, Erin began receiving requests for special occasion gift boxes. Erin realized the potential of her business and began creating “themed” gift boxes in 2014 to better fit an occasion and meet the demands of her customers. The motto became, “If you needed a gift box right away, order a themed gift box and we will ship it within 24 hours.” Those themed boxes quickly became recognized as Southern Hospitality, Southern Spa, Southern Gentleman titles to catch the eye of the shopper.

Later that year with growing success and extra inventory, a new concept called “Build Your Own Gift Box” was established to allow customers the flexibility in creating a personalized gift box. Today, Georgia Crafted is the largest online store for Georgia-made products with over 200 selections, ranging from bath and body to home goods. Georgia Crafted also partners with both small businesses and large corporations for client gift boxes. Erin aspires to continue growing her business by highlighting products in the Southwest region.

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