Georgia Joint Defense Commission

Walt Farrell

Published June 25, 2018


Senate Bill 395 , sponsored by Senate Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Chairman Ben Watson (Savannah), and Representative Dave Belton (Madison) designates membership and funding for the creation of the “Georgia Joint Defense Commission.”

How does Senate Bill 395 impact Georgia’s economy?

The “Georgia Joint Defense Commission” will provide recommendations that promote the economic growth and expansion of Georgia’s military installations and support long-term sustainability for active-duty veterans and civilians alike. The 19-member commission will advise executive leadership and members of the general assembly on statewide and national military issues. Senate Bill 395 also provides funding for the establishment of a “Defense Community Economic Development Grant Program,” which will increase educational opportunities in vocational and technical training.

How does Senate Bill 395 benefit the business community?

Senate Bill 395 will enhance collaboration between state and federal delegations to provide the tools and resources needed to strengthen Georgia’s military installations.  This measure will encourage job creation, talent development, and continued prosperity for military base establishments and their surrounding communities.

“Georgia is home to eight bases that represent every branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is critical that we invest in our military facilities, communities, and service members and promote the economic development opportunities they provide. As we prepare for potential base realignment or closure, it is paramount to have a cohesive state-centered strategy to protect our military installations and assets, while also ensuring a positive quality of life for our servicemen and women and their families,” said David Raynor, Georgia Chamber Senior Vice President of Public Affairs.  “We applaud leadership Governor Deal and the general assembly on their statewide efforts to advance economic growth and development within our military communities.”

Senate Bill 395 was signed into law May 3, 2018. To learn more about the Chamber’s continued efforts to keep Georgia the #1 state in which to do business, visit the Georgia Chamber website and view the Chamber’s  2018 Legislative Priorities and  Scorecard Legislation.