Montane Sparking Spring Water

Walt Farrell

Published September 25, 2019

Press Release

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Authentic Georgia is proud to highlight Montane Sparkling Spring Water as an exceptional member.

In 2017, Hollis Callaway launched Montane as a way to share the remarkably pure spring water that had been in the Callaway family for four generations and 87 years. The healthy, refreshing beverages of the company align with their deeply-rooted values of benefiting both people and the planet — a family principle that demonstrates their unparalleled commitment to conservation. Located in Blue Springs, the company is proud of their unique, impeccable water quality that has a level of purity rarely found in nature.

Consumers can anticipate refreshingly crisp water with a noticeably clean taste from Montane’s beverages. The company offers four varieties that reflect the fruits and food of the South: Original (unflavored), Grapefruit Peach, Cucumber Lime, and Lemon Honeysuckle. Montane is also packaged in 8 packs of 12 ounce aluminum cans, a strategic decision made due to aluminum’s minimal impact on the planet. Being both healthy and affordable, Montane is positioned as an everyday indulgence for everyone to enjoy.

Callaway said, “My favorite part of this business are all the amazing people we've met all over the state of Georgia. We are humbled by the support we've received of the business community and enthusiasm from consumers."

To read more about the Montane story, search for a retailer near you and learn more about what makes their spring exceptionally pure, click here.

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