Georgia Chamber Issues Official Statement Regarding Election Runoffs

Walt Farrell

Published December 3, 2020

Press Release

The Georgia Chamber has represented business in political and policy matters for well over a century and we are proud to actively serve on the Georgia Bipartisan Task Force for Safe Secure and Accessible Elections. The business community cares about access and fairness of elections because we believe that free enterprise and democracy are tied together. Based upon careful review and honest engagement with elected leaders and partners around the state, the Georgia Chamber issues the following statement:

First, we reject any and all personal attacks on election officials performing their public duties at the state and local level. Whether Republican or Democrat, personal attacks and calls for violence are unacceptable and should stop immediately.

Second, the elections in Georgia have been fair and managed in accordance with applicable laws passed by Republicans and Democrats and after recounts and audits, there have been no findings of organized voter fraud to date.

Third, we encourage everyone to research and find the facts. Do not succumb to baseless statements and social media gossip. Foreign influence and celebrity-seeking manipulation are at work to seek out and undermine the process of our democratic republic and divide, rather than unite, Americans. We appreciate Governor Kemp, Secretary Raffensperger, Lt. Governor Duncan, and Speaker Ralston for standing against false narratives and, instead, fostering the spirit of true public service through hardworking leadership and integrity.

Fourth, we call upon all parties to focus on the health and safety of every Georgian as we continue to weather and overcome a global pandemic. Recovery and the move to a more resilient future should be our collective goal.

Finally, we urge all Georgians to return to the polls in the upcoming run-off elections on January 5, 2021, and vote to ensure a safely reimagined, balanced, and strong New Georgia Economy.


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