Walt Farrell

Published June 26, 2018


House Bill 769, sponsored by Higher Education Chairman Rick Jasperse (Jasper) and Senator Dean Burke (Bainbridge) addresses several healthcare needs of Georgia’s less populated communities by implementing healthcare recommendations provided by the state House Rural Development Council.

How does House Bill 769 impact Georgia’s economy?

House Bill 769 provides funding for the creation of a “Rural Center for Health Care Innovation and Sustainability,” and incentivizes talent acquisition to increase the number of healthcare providers in remote areas. “The Rural Health System Innovation Center” included in the legislation will serve as a research hub to identify challenges and offer policy recommendations for affordable healthcare practices. House Bill 769 allows the purchase of failing or closed hospitals in adjoining counties with less than 50,000 residents to be established as micro-hospitals in rural areas that provide 24-hour emergency services 7 days a week.

How does House Bill 769 benefit Georgia businesses?

House Bill 769 will decrease hospital closures and encourage job creation and preservation in rural Georgia communities. This measure will equip hospitals with telepharmacy technology to provide 24-hour, in-house services, and authorize licensed pharmacists to practice remotely. The passage of this legislation will create opportunities for long-term economic prosperity by expanding access to broadband technologies and healthcare.

The Chamber commends the hard work and dedication of Representative Jasperse, Senator Burke, the House Rural Development Council, and members of the general assembly in their pursuit to enhance the quality of life and business climate statewide.

House Bill 769 will go into effect July 1, 2018. To learn more about the Chamber’s continued efforts to keep Georgia the #1 state in which to do business, visit the Georgia Chamber website and view the Chamber’s  2018 Legislative Priorities and  Scorecard Legislation.