NOWaccount® is the payment system for B2B and B2G that is redefining how businesses get paid. With NOWaccount, you can get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card, even when your customer requires an invoice.

As a Georgia Chamber member, your annual NOW Network membership fee is waived for the first year. That’s a savings of $250!  So you can try NOWaccount risk free – you only pay for the invoices you decide to put through the system.

Apply for your NOWaccount to:

  • Reach and serve more and larger customers
  • Sleep at night knowing exactly when you'll get paid and that you will get paid
  • Stop wasting time chasing late payments
  • Strengthen your balance sheet for better access to additional sources of capital, such as bank loans and lines of credit
  • Demonstrate creditworthiness and financial viability with customers and prospects
  • Get paid in days, with no impact to your customer
  • Improve cash management
  • Create accurate cash forecasting reports
  • Eliminate AR altogether and focus on growing your business!

How do I enroll?

It takes just minutes to sign up for your free, no obligation NOWaccount:

Step 1
Click here and select Join NOW to complete the online application form and have your first year’s membership fee waived.

Step 2
Within minutes, you will receive an application confirmation email.  Please review the confirmation to ensure your information is accurate.

Step 3
Once your application has been pre-approved, you will receive an email containing the NOWaccount Merchant Services Agreement (MSA) and an information form.  Simply complete and electronically sign and return the forms. When your enrollment has been completed, you will receive an activation confirmation email with instructions for submitting your selected customers for approval and invoices for processing.

Step 4 (For QuickBooks Online Users)
Click here to seamlessly integrate your NOWaccount with your QuickBooks Online. Don’t forget to mention your chamber membership to have the annual NOW Network membership fee waived for the first year!

For help getting started, contact: or call 855.966.9435 x 1

For help with your existing NOWaccount, contact: or call 855.966.9435 x 2

Choose From 3 NOWaccount Payment Options

Get paid within 5 business days for a flat, one-time service fee based on the terms of the invoice, not when or if your customer pays.

  • -3.00% for up to Net 30 days
  • 3.25% for up to Net 60 days
  • 3.50% for up to Net 90 days
  • 1.00% surcharge for customers outside the US and Canada

Get paid as soon as your customer pays the invoice, but if the customer doesn’t pay, NOWaccount will pay the full invoice amount.

  • One-time, flat fee of 1.25%
  • 1.00% surcharge for customers outside the US and Canada

Get paid if/when your customer pays the invoice. The payment is processed through the NOWaccount lockbox, so no more running to the bank!

  • Flat $5 administration fee per invoice

To learn more and join NOWaccount, click here.


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