Nuclear Power in Georgia – A Broad Spectrum of Support CEA President David Holt said: “Energy animates every part of our lives and powers a modern economy. A balanced, broad and diverse energy mix that utilizes all of our resources enhances reliability, protects families and households and underpins opportunities to continue Georgia’s economic expansion and continued growth.”


Georgia Tea Party Supports Finishing Plant Vogtle – “Nuclear power is a vital source for inexpensive, reliable electricity in Georgia. Finally, national security interests require that the U.S. remain a leader in nuclear power development. To allow another nation to take the lead would be a big mistake.” JD Van Brink


Continue Building Vogtle 3 & 4 – “The world is increasingly dangerous. Over the last 15-20 years, other superpowers and emerging economies have formed alliances around economics, technology and geostrategic goals. China and Russia are building nuclear plants rapidly and taking the United States’ place in guiding other countries to do so”. Laura Schepis


Chairman Stan Wise Vogtle vs. Summer – “These factors suggest the Plant Vogtle project may be in a better position to move forward than the project in South Carolina.”


U.S. National Security And A Call For American Primacy In Civilian Nuclear Power – “Nuclear energy is unique among energy resources. Ensuring domestic U.S. supplies of coal, oil and natural gas constitutes an energy security issue, whereas renewables such as solar and wind offer other benefits.”  Dr. David Gattie


Renewing America’s Commitment to Nuclear Energy – “We cannot expect or trust geopolitical rivals to use their nuclear leverage in a stabilizing way. With Russia and China’s nuclear influence on the rise – not to mention the illicit activities of rogue nations like Iran and North Korea – it’s critical that we do more to invest in our own nuclear energy capabilities now.” Sen. David Perdue (R-GA.)


Georgia Nuclear Plant Construction Would Be Important Step for Carbon Free Energy – “Once Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4 are completed, they are expected to provide Georgia with carbon-free, low-cost energy for 60 to 80 years to come.”  Former US EPA Administrator Carol Browner


Opinion: A Case for Completing Plant Vogtle – “If Vogtle units 3 and 4 are not completed, new natural gas units will likely fill most of the void” . Dr. Marilyn A. Brown


Moniz: Robust Nuclear Industry Needed for National Security – “A robust commercial nuclear energy industry and supply chain is vital for U.S. national security interests and must be supported by concerted federal action, a new report from former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz says.”


Bipartisan Georgia Support in D.C. for Vogtle Units“Interestingly, it has won support from Georgia congressmen ranging from the very liberal Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson to the very conservative Rep. Jody Hice.”

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