• The Chamber has an ‘all of the above’ policy with regards to the mix of energy generation sources. We recognize the importance of affordable, reliable sources of energy, as these supplies are crucial to maintaining Georgia’s business competitiveness, to support our communities and to underpin business operations, investment and employment growth.
  • They are also a key ingredient in Georgia being the #1 state in the nation for business! (5 years in a row now and that is a position we all want to maintain).
  • Getting into this position has not occurred by chance, rather it has carefully evolved from a commitment to sound and prudent planning and confidence in market-based solutions to deliver innovation, investment and leadership.
  • The owners of the Plant Vogtle project have a distinguished history developing and managing energy generation and distribution assets. Georgia’s existing fleet of nuclear power plants has a history of delivering reliable, affordable, emissions-free baseload power.  The Chamber is confident that Plant Vogtle units 3&4 will, when commissioned into service, also deliver similar outcomes for many decades.
  • While it has been difficult to follow the well documented challenges this project has encountered recently, the Chamber acknowledges the commitment of all owners to completing this project safely, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner possible.
  • We also acknowledge the ongoing commitment of the skilled workforce that is engaged and remains supportive of the project, as well as the numerous businesses providing high-value services critical to this project’s success.
  • The Plant Vogtle project is now and will continue to provide strong economic value to local economies. Likewise, the energy output of these two new units will, for decades, provide safe, reliable, affordable and emissions-free energy to the benefit of businesses and communities across the State.
  • Of critical importance is the role this project is playing in maintaining our Nation’s engagement in and leadership of nuclear technology development, the growth of a nuclear-skilled workforce and national security. In this regard, we noticed and agree with recent comments by Commissioner Echols that: “The only way for America to continue setting international standards for safety and security is to invest in reactors and technology.”  Plant Vogtle will be a significant part of our Nation’s nuclear future and in Georgia, we can be proud of that achievement.
  • Commissioners, the Chamber has confidence in the recommendation that the owners have presented to you for your consideration and in their abilities to deliver this project to a successful conclusion.
  • And, we respectfully urge your favorable consideration to enable this project to proceed to completion.

Thank you.

Doug Miell

Energy & Natural Resources Consultant

Georgia Chamber of Commerce



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