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Jason O’Rouke

Vice President of Public Policy & Federal Affairs
Georgia Chamber of Commerce



For over one hundred years, the Georgia Chamber has worked with state and local government to create one of the nation’s best transportation networks. As a result, our state is home to the world’s busiest airport, the nation’s fastest-growing port, and the South’s premier road and rail network.

But Georgia’s record growth has slowed, and our economy, like much of the nation, has yet to fully recover. State and federal transportation dollars are dwindling, and our transportation network is in desperate need of upkeep and expansion. We must find new ways to leverage our transportation assets while investing in the infrastructure necessary to maintain our position as a global logistics hub.

The Georgia Transportation Alliance was founded as an affiliate of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 2011.  GTA is Georgia’s first organization focused solely on long-term transportation solutions related to economic development, traffic congestion, safety, and our fast-growing logistics industry.

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To build upon Georgia’s strong history of transportation excellence by supporting efforts to improve transportation funding and improve our state’s transportation infrastructure.

Key Priorities

  • Continue to improve Georgia’s infrastructure through maximizing current revenue sources for transportation funding.
  • Expand infrastructure focus to multi-modal transportation priorities including transit, freight and logistics.


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