Smart Decisions Coalition Recommendations

The Smart Decisions Coalition (Coalition) released a set of recommendations that represent a variety of policy options that can be pursued by policymakers, local community leaders, or business leaders to improve Georgia’s talent pipeline.

The Smart Decisions Coalition is a coordinated effort by Georgia’s community, business, and education leaders created by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce Foundation to increase college enrollment and completion to improve the long-term success of the state’s workforce.

The Coalition began meeting in December 2018, considering all potential solutions to the challenges of affordability and access as well as how to ensure students are immediately employable upon completion of a degree and able to adapt as technology and industries evolves. The recommendations released are provide an overview of existing programs, and inventory of organizational engagement, and future opportunities.

Chris Clark, President and CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, stated, “Talent development is critical to Georgia’s economic prosperity. 60% of Georgia jobs will require some college by 2025 and today only 47.9% of adults qualify statewide. Through this collaborative effort, our state will be better positioned to prepare Georgia students for the jobs of today and those of the future.”

The Smart Decisions Coalition recommendations can be found here.

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