March 2, 2018

The following statement can be attributed to Chris Clark, Chairman & CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce:

“On Thursday, the General Assembly approved final passage of a measure to reform Georgia’s tax code. Today Governor Deal signed House Bill 918 into law, enacting Georgia’s first income tax reduction.

The Chamber recognizes the impact of global competition on businesses and supports tax proposals that encourage job creation and retention in Georgia. We recognize that businesses are a key component to economic development and an improved quality of life for all Georgians. The Chamber supports changes to tax policy that reduce income tax rates to the extent of fiscal responsibility. We believe the proposed changes to the tax code are a useful step forward in advancing economic mobility and prosperity. As the state’s largest business advocate, we encourage the implementation of policies that promote the expansion of businesses and population growth in this community.

On behalf of businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors, we commend the Governor and the General Assembly for their thought leadership and appreciate their continued efforts to keep Georgia the #1 state in which to do business.”


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