The New Georgia Economy  

For over a century, the Georgia Chamber has helped businesses and communities mitigate risk, take advantage of opportunities, and better understand the changes impacting our state. Today, Georgia’s society and economy are rapidly changing and circumstances have changed how we address innovation, what we consider community, how we work, and ultimately how we approach life. From free enterprise, diversity, and talent to healthcare, infrastructure, innovation, and rural Georgia, we want to explore what comes next and how we plan for the future. Through a series of in-person events known collectively as the New Georgia Economy (NGE) Tour, the Georgia Chamber will share data and information from our state’s communities to build a comprehensive planning strategy.

Future of Talent

As Georgia continues to face unprecedented workforce challenges, communities must develop comprehensive strategies to attract and retain the workforce of the future. Through early career exposure, community and industry alignment, and workforce development initiatives, our state is leading the way in developing innovative talent preparedness programs.

Economic Competitiveness

Over the last five years, Georgia has witnessed unprecedented economic investment throughout every corner of the state, due in large part to our robust toolbox of economic incentives, world-class infrastructure, and pro-business environment. To maintain our competitiveness, we must recognize our state's opportunities for improvement in key areas, including tax structure, lawsuit abuse reform, small business success, and economic dynamism.

Infrastructure of the Future

As communities across Georgia experience record-breaking economic development, the demand for local infrastructure will increase. Tremendous change across our statewide infrastructure network due to this growth and the advent of new technologies enabling new possibilities. As the state continues to experience record-breaking growth and economic development announcements, there is increased demand on our current infrastructure.
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To better understand specific issues related to the foundations of our New Georgia Economy strategy, check out our YouTube Channel and Podcasts to hear special guests expound on related topics.