At the Georgia Chamber, we strive to promote a healthy business environment within our state. In doing so, we’ve collaborated with three organizations whose goal is to preserve the economic impact and development of Georgia for many years to come. Our three affiliates are collectively made up of the Georgians for Lawsuit Reform, the Georgia Travel Association, and the Georgia Transportation Alliance. The Chamber’s affiliation with these three organizations help foster a stable and thriving business environment for our great state.


Affiliate Update: Georgians for Lawsuit Reform (GLR)
Work began for Georgians for Lawsuit Reform during the 2017 legislative session. Passage of HB 192, a bill which helps businesses attract talented directors and officers, was a significant legislative victory for the new organization. Going forward, GLR will continue to promote a fair, balanced, and efficient legal climate in Georgia by advocating for the establishment of a statewide business court. The success of statewide business courts in North Carolina and South Carolina has led to enhance predictability, increased speed, case management improvement, lowered costs, and provided judicial expertise in complex business litigation.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about how GLR is working to improve the legal climate in Georgia, please contact Kade Cullefer at

Affiliate Update: Georgia Travel Association (GATA)
The goal of GATA is to sustain an interest among all visitor bureaus, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and transportation businesses who have a profound economic impact in Georgia. This hospitality driven organization helps facilitate growth and strengthen the tourism industry across Georgia.

For more information about the Georgia Travel Association and how to get involved, please contact Morgan Law at

Affiliate Update: Georgia Transportation Alliance (GTA)
The Georgia Transportation Alliance plays an intricate role in developing and promoting long-term transportation solutions in the state of Georgia. Through the dedicated work of this organization, the Transportation Investment Act was passed in 2011 which is a program that will invest in almost $2 billion into Georgia’s communities over the next ten years.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual Georgia Transportation Summit on Friday, October 20, 2017. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Transportation Alliance, and ACEG Georgia will co-host this event that will bring together Georgia’s state and local transportation officials, elected officials, and the leaders of the design and construction industries. This event is from 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at the Galleria Centre. More information on speakers and session to follow. Registration will open in June.

To learn more about the Georgia Transportation Alliance and how to get involved, please contact Seth Millican at


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